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Tenuous Connection
Tenuous Connection
I am an experimental abstract and non-objective artist, approaching my work in much the same manner at the abstract expressionists.  I strive to bring my vision to life in every single one of my paintings.

I have presented my work online, at juried shows, and outdoor festivals. I am very proud of the work I have produced, and I am happy to share it with both experienced collectors and those just beginning their art collections.  I work in a variety of media including water media, oil and cold wax, water soluble wax as well as charcoal, mixed media, and graphite. My paintings cover a wide variety of subject matter and incorporate color, texture, and pattern.

Browse the gallery to view examples of my past works. If you have any questions about my artwork or wish to purchase one of my paintings, please contact me for more information.

My email address is laura@lauragibbs-studio.com or call me at 757-636-2874.

Thank you for visiting my online studio.